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Month: November 2014

Day of Preparation

I don’t know about you, but I love days off.

I love being able to stay in my pajamas all day, in my house, where I can get all the things done that I want to do the other days of the week but often just don’t have time for.

I wanted to share with you some ways that I use my days off wisely as a “day of preparation” so I can set myself up for success for the rest of the week. Feel free to use some of these ideas!

1. Make a snack that you can eat throughout the week. 

This week I made some pumpkin bread (3 loaves!) so that Fred and I have something to snack on in the evenings or afternoons. (Check out this awesome recipe!)

Having something like this around the house allows me to keep going when I am hungry, because I have something quick that I can grab and enjoy.

Photo 2014-11-22, 1 23 06 PM

2. Make a large meal.

Today I decided to make a big lunch and dinner so that I can stock up leftovers for the rest of the week, making lunches an easy and fast part of my day, rather than a hassle. This saves time and drama throughout my week.Photo 2014-11-22, 1 25 15 PM

3. Put something in the freezer for later. 

I love to stock up on things in the freezer that will make cooking dinner in the future easier. Today I cooked up a large batch of ground beef which I will use later for soups, spaghetti, tacos, chili, or shepherd’s pie. Having it all cooked at once allows making a ground beef dinner even faster and easier in the future.

I’m all about planning ahead so that my future self can reap the benefits. Now that it’s cooked, I can just take a chunk from the freezer and bam! I’ve just saved myself 15 minutes in a future meal cooking time.Photo 2014-11-22, 1 10 52 PM

4. Work on a fun hobby.

I love to make candles (which I also sell), and it has been something that has been on the back burner this semester due to my busy lifestyle which includes full-time work, but I had someone place an order, which gave me an excuse to work on something that I love to do.

Adding something fun that I like to do makes me feel like I am not just doing things I “should be doing” but also doing something that gives me joy.

Photo 2014-11-22, 1 27 14 PM

I did all of these things today in about 3 hours, and I feel way more organized and ready to take on another busy week.

Give some of these things a try next time you have a day off. You just might love having your own day of preparation!

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Contentment vs. Comparison

For most of my life, I have struggled with contentment.

I remember even back to my elementary school days, where I always wanted what I didn’t have: boys, clothes, friends, toys, you name it. This flaw has remained with me to this very day where I still compare my life to others.

I know we can all relate to this.

As wonderful as social media is, it gives us a chance, through several mediums, to compare ourselves to those we know. Pinterest sometimes makes me feel like my cooking is not good or creative enough. Facebook reminds me that I am not going through an exciting life change like many of those around me. Instagram can trick me into thinking that other people live more glorious lives than I do.

And it goes on and on. We compare.

We compare our lives, no matter how wonderful they might be, to other people. “I wish my wedding was that beautiful.” “I wish I was having a baby right now.” “I wish my meals looked like that.” “I wish I had important and funny things to say on Twitter.”

This influences the way that I view wealth as well. I have come to believe that I am poor – that I don’t have as much as other people have, and therefore, I am poor.

What a ridiculous idea.

Sure, Fred and I are still paying off debt, and sure, we don’t have as much money as other people, but there has never been a day in my life where I am lacking something that I truly need. I might want a more glamorous home or phone or car or wardrobe, but I truly have more than enough.

In those moments, I need to remind myself that I am not poor – that I have more than enough, and that comparing my life to other people’s will not make me happier.

This week I joined Instagram. Seems funny, seeing as I mentioned above how it sometimes makes me feel less glorious, but there has been a freedom in it for me. To show the parts of my life that I want to share with the world, the parts that aren’t necessarily fancy, but give a glimpse into something that gives me joy.

This week, I have the privilege of being on a trip with my job in Mexico. I am with friends that I love, and we are eating delicious things and seeing interesting sites, and that has been fun for me. Next week, I will be back home, and I want to resolve that even when I am not eating delicious food or lounging on a beach, I can still be content.

I can still be happy with my life the way it is right now – I don’t have to wait until I am debt-free or have a family or have a bigger and better [fill in the blank].

Will you join me?

Will you remember with me that contentment is better than comparison? That we can be happy where we are, with what we have, without checking to see if others have it better?

I’m going to give it a try. Worst case scenario, I can log in to Facebook and start comparing again tomorrow.

But I think more joy will come if I remember that I am truly blessed.

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